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Report S_ALR_87013558 don't show annual budget values

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Hi all,

can you somebody help me to understand why report S_ALR_87013558 isn't showing any budget values ..

while the S_ALR_87013557 does ?

Thank you in advance for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Silvia

Both S_ALR_87013558 and *3557 should show you same amount in Budget Column (As Terence says, you could check this via tcode CJE5/CJE6 and double click on Budget column to see what criteria do the form use to show certain budget amount).

*3558 use form 12KST1A and 3557 use 12KST1B


salam hangat,


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Hi all,

thank you for your helpful details.

Here what I've for 12KST1A - report ...3558

and here what I've found for 12KST1B - report ...3557

I suppose that the profit center filter makes the difference. I'll ask Control dept. people about it.

Thank you so much.

Best regards.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Silvia,

1. Normally we create project budget in t Code- CJ30

2. Enter project definition number or directly you can enter a WBS element in the respective field against which you want to plan the budget. Let us enter a project definition and  press enter. 

3. After pressing enter a new screen will open . There you will see the list of all the WBS elements belongs to the project definition we entered in the initial screen. By default WBS element appear with their code with description .

4. There you maintain period “0overall”  give some value for ex: 10000 and in  year opposite  2016  10000 so it will distributed.

5. Now, we can start putting budget to the WBS elements, Budget is always distributed from top to bottom. So, let us assume for Equipment 1 agreed price is 10000/- INR  Since budget is distributed from top to bottom, therefore top WBS elements will be given total budget 100000/-INR and further it will be distributed manually down the level as shown below.

6. Important: Budgeting will be done on Overall basis and not yearly. So, in period always select “Overall” a shown above.

7. Once you are done with the budgeting just check for any errors before saving the data.

8.Then check the t code - S_ALR_87013558 it will update automatically then compare with t code  S_ALR_87013557. both reports will fine accordingly.

Error in your side :

In your screen short  overall  value is “0” in budget that  why it is showing 0 on 2016 also in my analyses both the screens are different . 

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Hi Silvia,

Go to CJE6 - Select form 12KST1B and double click, on the right side double click the Budget column

System will display the selections you are using, here you need to choose the correct value type. Please share the screenshot also