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Report Requirement for the Goods Movement

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Dear Gurs,

I want to see the entire goods movment happend for producing one Finished material.

Is there any std report that can show the list of good movement (261)


For producing 1 Qty FG I required 50 Kg of SF .

That SF consits of 2 Raw material RM 1 and RM2 .

RM1 Required 35 Kg and RM 2 Requires 15 Kg

During Good Movement (261)of - SF

RM1 - Batch 421 - 12 Kg

RM1- Batch 422 - 18 Kg

RM1 - Batch 433 - 5 Kg

RM2 Batch 888 - 5 Kg

RM2 Batch 889 - 10 Kg

During the Good Movement (261)of - FG

SF Batch 1123 - 50 Kg Issued.

With reference to the Finish material , I want to seen the goods movement happend for the FG .

Is there any std report to seen the details at Multilevels


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Answers (5)

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Pls revert for further discussion else reward points & close the thread

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As rightly said by pradeep its not possible to obtain for multi level in std SAP

having said that you can also try with MB51

by selecting the materials for which production orders are crated

here you can get the consolidated list

Hope this helps



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I donot think such Multi level Consumption Report is available. I think if use collective order concept, u can get it. Otherwise u have to pass the list Production order number for each BOM level at COOIS.

or u have to develop customized report.


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In the production order itself you can see the Goods movements against this Order.

Goto-->Documented Goods Movements (Provided the Goods movements buttons are activated in OPL8).