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Report painter

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hello Friends,

Please help me with report painter? how can we use? please give me one nice example.

Please provide me extra documents.

thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can use report painter for simple reports. There are diff ways of using this tool

If you are starting a new report altogether from scratch

1) First ensure the characteristics and key figures u need are available in the library from the reports are to be designed

2) Once you modify the library with the required characteristics and key figures go to either creation of report or copy the existing report. Take a reference report

3) Once u copy the structure of the existing report define your columns

4) Define your columns say - CC expenses in co currency etc.

5) Define your vaiables in the report - here u can take a drop down and select let's say - Plan values or actual values

6) After defining the parameters the important thing is general data selection

Here u will select Ex, Controlling Area, Company code, Period etc

7) Save and execute report

The above are macro level steps - with the above inputs u can explore possibilities available and create ur own report

You can also create your own library copying the existing one and proceed with report creation

Remember after creating the report u need to assign the report to a report group (either existing one) or u can create ur own report group and assign your reports to the group

Hope the above helps, Please assign points as a way to say thanks

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Hi Sreedhar,

thank you so much for your step by step explanation.

Could you please provide me one best example. because i have interview.

And could you provide me what are the errors i can expect.

that could be great help

thank you

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Ex. Take the standard CC variance report and copy this report and just practice by changing

1) Characteristics

2) key figures change to values in object currency - if u hv two diff currencies

3) Change general data selection parameters - remove expand radio button if it is there or select it if it is not there

4) Errors - when u create report first time - general error could be general data selection missing.

5) At every place u hv check points and check ur report creation process through out. Click on check and confirm buttons

6) At the top u hv check option thru which u can check ur report for list of errors

You try this out for preparation for the interview

For interview the steps i defined in earlier message should do

Remember some libraries - like CCSS is for cost centers, 1SIP is the report group for cost center variances.

Hope the above helps - pls assign points as a way to say thanks

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hello KP,

For complete the previous information that you already had, I´ll send you a link to a documentation for create a report painter:

Good luck for the interview!

Kind regards,

Mary Jane