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report painter

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hi sir,

my problem in report painting is controlling area is not mentained to the columns/rows any body help for me

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Answers (3)

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Rajesh Banka

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Hi there,

When you check the library (txn GR22) and you find the Controlling area, if there is no tick in the checkbox on the left then tick it and save the library.

If there is already a tick in the checkbox then this characteristic is already activated and should be available in the report definition.

Look at your report definition (txn GRR2). If the Controlling area is not available to be used in the row/column then it is already being used in the General data selections (From the menu choose 'Edit' -> 'Gen. data selections'.

Here you should find that the controlling area is in use.

Generally speaking it is recommended to use the controlling area in the gen. data selection.



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A report fetches data from tables that is assigned in the library.

The table has several fields comprising of characteristics and key figures. While key figures are usually selected in columns, the characteristics can be included in

a) Row

b) Column

c) Common to both Row and column. (This is referred to as<b> General Data Selection</b>)

As directed by Thomas, please look for Controlling area there.

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Check in Libraries whether the characterstics are maintained for controlling area.


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