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Report painter object name change during transport

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We have a requirement to add 5 fields (In selection screen) to report painter reports ( Reports of CJE3 and GRR3 ).We created Z reports as a copy of standard reports, added required 5 fields by implementing SAP notes and other settings .We have also done implicit enhancements for all these reports to make change in the behavior of new fields .This is working fine in the development client but the problem is once we transport this to Quality system new reports get generated( With new name ) and implicit enhancement will be lost.

For E.g.:

In development client for CJE1/CJE2 report the program name will be "GPAVPSATWFP4NN0YRDBIQBHI8MQ" (In this program we have done implicit enhancement )

but when we transport it to other client new program "GP8O1UCNZTJYY5LTO8GN0UW2GQB" is generated in which implicit enhancements are not found.



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have you looked at export/ inport functionality (gr57/ gr58) or what mode of transport are you using?