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Report Painter Error

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Hi Everyone,

I am creating a report for profit centers Actual/Plans and YTD .I am using lreport painter and library 0FL which uses table FAGLFLEXT.I defined some revenue accounts and got the following warning message. When I was creating rows and updating cost elements with account numbers.I set up 3 revenue accounts and then ran the report to see if I get any data for profit centers.I did get data but when I double clicked on one of the account,it displays this messsage.I read the msg. but could not make any sense with it.for example in definning row I put account number from/to 400000- 400000 Explode. and thats a characteristic.

No valid master data for characteristic 'Account Number'

Report MEG1 does not contain any data pages.

No valid master data for characteristic 'Account Number'

Message no. GR633


No valid master data within the specified interval was found for the characteristic 'Account Number'.


For each characteristic that is processed in a report, the Report Writer optimizes the interval limits which are relevant for selecting data from the database.


A report contains the characteristic 'account', for which an account interval from 100000 to 200000 has been entered. However, if the master data validation shows that the lowest/highest account in this interval is 110000/190000, the selection will be limited to accounts 110000 to 190000 only.

The system returns this error message if no master data exists for the interval.

This error is typically caused by an invalid version. In FI-SL Special Purpose Ledger, for example, versions are assigned to the ledger and are defined in configuration. The report definition can then contain a non-defined version. A similar situation applies to controlling (cost center accounting): here, versions are assigned to the controlling area and fiscal year and can be defined in planning.

Another cause of this error is a ledger that is not assigned to the table for which the report was created.

Technical information:

The field name for 'Account Number' is 'RACCT'.

System Response

The system cancels processing.


Check the report definition, or the specified master data, or the intervals.

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HI Abhijit,

I check the master data for cost element ,its there with cost element category 11. I also checked the library for field RACCT Account number,its also defined properly.Is that may be related wit version or number interval?? Please suggest.