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Report output in Eng. replaced by Polish text on activating Office Integrn

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Hi all,

I am giving either of the transactions S_ALR_87013346 or S_ALR_87013345 . Now I activate Office Integration by going to the menu path <b>Environment->Options</b> and select the radiobutton Microsoft Excel under <b>Office Integratoin</b>. Now if I am executing the report output, the English text is replaced by some Polish text. This is not happening , if I select the radio button '<b>Inactive</b>. Has any one experienced this problem before...?



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Hi SP,

The report S_ALR_87013345 belongs to library 8A3 so if you view this in GRR3 the technical name for the report is 8A3-0010.

If you click into this report under Extras -> Report Texts -> Texts for export, here you can see the language is Polish.

Note 1134389 describes the translation process for report group 1SIP. I assume the same will work for this report but instead use library 8A3 and report group 8A90.


In client 000, use transaction SE63 to translate the texts completely:

1. Log on to client 000 and call 'System' -> 'User profile' -> 'Own data'.

2. Click the tab 'Parameters' and enter Parameter ID 'GCF' with Parameter value 'X' and save.

3. Call transaction SE63 and choose from the menu 'Translation' -> 'R/3 Enterprise' -> 'Other Long Texts'.

4. In the dialog box, double-click on <REPW> Report Writer texts.

5. In the 'Object Name' field, enter 1VK (the library of report group 1SIP)

6. Select the relevant source language and target language.

7. Hit the 'Edit' button.

8. The following entries from the list will need updating:

TTyp Text name

a) TXTH 1VK_1SIP-001_R <-- Header texts

b) TXTT 1VK_1SIP-001_R <-- Title page texts

c) TXTX 1VK_1SIP-001_R <-- Text for export texts

9. Double-click on each entry to open the dialog to translate the texts.

10. Update the translation in the lower half of the screen according to the original that you see in

the upper half of the screen.

11. Save the translation by hitting the 'Save' button.

12. Log on to your working client and call GR59 to copy the report group 1SIP from client 000.

Attention: Activate the checkbox 'Copy with dependent objects'.

13. Regenerate the report group and execute. Now the texts are updated.

14. If required, transport the report group through your system landscape using the transaction GCTR.


I hope this helps.


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Hi Elaine,

Thanks for the reply and OSS Note.

But , we don't have access to 000 client, usuallly...

In that case,can we do it in sandbox (instead of 000) first and then use GR59 to copy it to the "Golden client" and finally migrate the changes...?



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the same process should work in all clients however I assume SAP suggest client 000 as this is where the default sap standard version of most reports originate.

Thus updating 000 means you can copy the SAP version of a report and the language will be correct each time. If you perform this task in another client you will need to take care after hotpack updates etc.

Hope this helps.