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Report Generation (WWI)

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finally, I could install properly the Generation Server.

At one point I generate correctly the report with CGE2.

I've change the customizing of the WWI destination, and it doesn't assign properly the report to the WWI generation server.

So, I've changed and now it's ok.

But, now in the transaction CG5Z ( WWI monitoring ) all the generated report by CGE2 are in status 'ASSIGNED'. But, the DMS file is not created, the event

WWI_WORK_PROCESS retrieve errors.

Someone have any idea. Could I change the status of the Job of CG5Z?

Shall I release the report by CG56? How I can find what reports? ... Any info will be welcomed.

Thanks in advance ,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I redo my questions:

How can I delete a report request from the WWI monitor?

Becuase, I have a report request that retrieve a error in the job wwi work process.


I think if I delete this report request , I could generate the news ones.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Xavier,

Please make sure that the programs RC1WWIDP and RC1WWIWP are scheduled and are up and runnng. When the reports remain in the assigned status, it means that either the RFCs are not up and running or the reports are hung on the gen server. If you can restart the gen server, the faultly WWIs that may have hung up on the server will error out and you will be then able to delete them in CG5Z .

These entries are made in ESTOH table, you will not be able to delete the entries without processing them on gen server.

Let me know if this helps.



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