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Report Customer's Ship-To Parties and address information (Ship-to Report)

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I'm trying to create a SQVI report linking three tables: KNA1, KNVP and ADRC. I want to generate a list of business partners of a customer and their respective address information (from ADRC). I think I understand the logic, but I'm not sure of execution.

What I want is KUNN2=KUNNR and then have the ADRC report the address information. I've tried multiple ways of joining the tables, but can't seem to get it correct. Is this possible? It seems odd that SAP doesn't have a generic ship-to report to list this type of information.

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Did you remove the proposed link between KNA1 and ADRC (DATE_FROM to ERDAT) and create a manual join link on ADRNR between these two?

Also, I hope you added KNVP-PARVW, KNVP-VKORG, KNVP-VTWEG, KNVP-SPART as list and selection criteria.

I tried the SQVI in my sandbox and the joins worked.