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Replication of vendors to different organisation units

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Hello experts,

I want to have a replication of vendors.

This means If a user creates a vendor inside BUKRS 1100, the vendor should be created also in all other (or in the best way in some defined) organisation untis. For example in 1000, 1200 and so on.

The creation should be done automatically.

Is there any customizing where I can define this? Maybe with IDoc distribiution? or a report?

But this should only work for one organisation unit. If for example a user creates a vendor for bukrs 1200 this one should not replicated in all other units.

Regards and thanks


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Answers (2)

Former Member
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Hi Christian,

For your Requirement you need to create a new Z-TCode where XK01 must be called in background.

Like After User creates a Vendor in XK01 for company 1100, purchase org 1100.

Selection parameter for new T-Code :

1) Company code

2) vendor Number (multiple vendor selection)

Execution :

It will show you all Vendor numbers in one column and all Purchase organization for company code 1100.

selection Tick mark to all purchase org you wish to extend the Vendor master data.

After Marking p.Org ==> Save data.

Routine :

Save ==> triggers Background program to call XK01==> copy from 1100 and extend the vendor master data to all P.Org marked.

Just you need to have one good ABAP person with you.


Ninad Kshirsagar

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Thanks a lot for the help. I will test which solution is the best one and which has the biggest benefit.



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A simple solution would be is to come up with an enhancement that runs on batch mode say every day or once in week. It will scan the vendor table for any new vendors created for a said company code (1100) and then extend it to all other company codes.

In case a more real time solution is required, then automatic vendor idoc generation through message type configuration also can be designed.