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Replacement for SAP SRM when migrating to S/4 HANA On-premise

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Can you tell me what all are the alternatives one have for replacement SAP SRM and SAP Lean Catalog, when one migrate to S/4 HANA On-premise?

This is a case were SAP SRM is not extensively used, but limited to Self-Service Procurement functionality in SAP SRM system to create shopping carts, confirmation using lean catalog, punch-out catalogs, free text and limit etc. We also have SAP Lean Catalog. Purchase Orders are created in ERP and Invoice is also handled in ERP.

Is Ariba is the only option or do we have any products which can meet todays SRM+Lean Catalog functionality in SAP S/4 HANA On-premise as well?

If you propose Ariba, is it possible to buy licenses for whaever modules we need in Ariba alone?


Vineeth Varghese


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Hello Vineeth Varghese,

Best way to approach this enabling only guided buying and catalog management in Ariba and connect 

current ERP system to Ariba realm with CIG to handle invoice part, I believe no license cost involved for CIG.