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repetitive issue storage location

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Dear all

I have the following big issue:

bom material  XXXXX

Component    AAAAA

The material code XXXXX is producted in storage location 3

Component AAAAA is buyed  in sotorage location 1, then after QC is stored in storage location 2.

I nedd:

MF60 that takes AAAAA from 2 to 3.

If 2 is empty, the purchase requisition from MRP must have storage location 1.

How can obtain it?


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Answers (3)

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Dear Alex,

In the component overview:item data: status/long text tab (double-click on the component 'AAAAA' and select the status/long text tab) in the BOM, maintain Production Storage Location 'storage location 2' for the component 'AAAAA'. This has priority above the Material Master data for component issue and is very useful for cases when a single material is issued from multiple storage locations for different Finished or Semi-finished assemblies.

Production storage location (MRP2 view) is defined as the location:

1. If the material is produced, the GR location.

2. If it is being issued, the issue storage location.

If you are using REM with Production versions, it should be maintained version-wise.

If 'AAAAA' is issued from 'storage location 2' for all the assemblies, use Production storage location (MRP2 view) = 'storage location 2', otherwise, use the BOM component 'production storage location' as suggested earlier.

Now MF60 will take 'AAAAA' from:

1. check if storage location is maintained in BOM component view, and use that.

2. if not maintained, the production storage location in the material master MRP2 view.

The storage location for EP in MRP2 view should be maintained as 'storage location 1', so that MRP creates PR's with storage location 1.

Best Regards,


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Hi all,

now my material AAAAA has:

Production storage location (MRP2 view) = Storage Location 2

storage location for EP in MRP2 view =  'storage location 1'

In BOM for the component : storage location 1.

If I run MF60 I have AAAAA but the system try to move stock into storage location 2 while I need to take from storage location 2 and transfer into storage location 3.

If I try to put in the issue storage location of the mrp2 the storage location 3, in order to have in MF60  transfer from storage 2 into storage 3, The material AAAAA disappear from the  MF60.

What I wrong?


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Dear Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

Correct me if I wrongly understand your requirement:

1. You want MRP to generate PR's with storage location 1 for material AAAAA.

    This requires storage location for EP in AAAAA material master = storage location 1.

2. Now you post the stock to storage location 2 after QC (using UD posting or by other means).

3. You want MF60 to transfer stock of AAAAA from storage location 2 to storage location 3. So it will be consumed from storage location 3 finally.

This requires:

(a) In BOM of XXXXX, for the component details(status/long text tab) of the component AAAAA, maintain prod. storage location = storage location 3.

you need not maintain any other setting.

(b) In MF60, when you create new replenishment elements, mass change the replenishment storage locations to storage location 2.

MF60 will move stock from replenishment storage location to the issue storage location.

Since you have maintained issue storage location (in BOM component status/long text) as storage location 3, and replenishment storage location in MF60 as storage location 2, system will try to stage the material from storage location 2 to storage location 3.

Please test and revert back.

Best Regards,


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Hi Alex,

        Maintain Sloc3 in "Prod. Stor. Loc" field in MRP2 view for the material "XXXXX" and also maintain Sloc2  for the material "AAAAA". Because this field act as both production storage location as well as Issue storage location. To maintain external procurement storage location, you have to maintain Sloc1 in "Storage Loc. for EP" in MRP2 view for the material "AAAAA".


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Maintain sloc 3 in Production storage location in MRP2 and and Sloc for EP as 1 in MRP2, in MF60 give replenishment sloc as 2 while staging.

Check and revert.


Anupam Sharma