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Hi friends,

I have a doubt. Some one told me that in repetitve manufacturing no need of creating production order from planned order because here in this process planned order itself is final production order and we are using planned order number for backflushing in T-Code MFBF.

Can anyone please eloborate on this concept?

please help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Imran,

In REM - Repetitive manufacturing after taking MRP run planned order's of order type PE will be

generated and you cannot convert this planned order's into production order which's not required.

Based on this planned order's confirmation's (backflush) can be carried out in MFBF or even without any

planned order's you can carryout the confirmation in MFBF. This is the advantage of REM process.

Check & revert back still if you need any help.



Answers (5)

Answers (5)

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We use Repetetive mfg when there is no change in production process.In this process plant will run continuously without any change in production process or with out any change in output.Hence every thing will be processed with a planned order.

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REM manufacturing is simpler way to book the production.

What is needed for REM is first question.

1) REM profile

2) Material on REM with this profile and REM tick

3) Have normal BOM and routings/ rate routings and work center

4) Define Production Version

5) Define Product Cost Collector on which all costs are booked whenever you do your confirmation thro MFBF

Having defined these master, once you run MRP you get planned order of PE type. It was earlier also callled as RS i.e Run Schedule.

By using MFBF, backflushing transaction can book the production. REM is period based type of production booking unlike discrete where you make a production order of particular material for some dates, it is lot based production booking.

Hope it is clear.


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Above all replies are right, The main diffrence is in costing, in discrete the cost is collected to order (order cost collector) while in REM Product cost collector exist for this resons also np production order needed for production.


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Yes right. In REM there is no need of production order we always execute the planned order.

This is standard SAP functionality.

In REM MFG u cannot convert the planned order to production order. Since because PE type planned order & REM is period based production not lot based.

You can do the production confirmation for planned order directly via MFBF. Now goods movement will happen (GR and GI)

Hope clear to you.



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In Rep manufacturing the Planned orders type PE are used to do backflushing.

Here there is no need to create production orders.