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Removing a Country from Scoping in SAP Business ByDesign Business Configuration

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Hello! Hope all is well.

I'm having an issue with the Business Configuration for our Implementation Project with regards to scoping. Initially we had the In-Scope Countries listed as UAE only, but an error was made, and France was added into the scope. Ever since then, countless attempts were made to remove France, but to no avail.Every attempts results with the same Error, that the data is inconsistent in either the productive data, or the fine-tuning data.

In terms of the solution being accepted, the Design is the only thing that is accepted, the solution hasn't been accepted yet. My question is, is there a way to remove the country in the first place, or are we stuck with having France in our scope? I'd appreciate any input on the matter.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Omar,

It should be possible to remove the country from the scope provided dependent configuration questions/fine tune settings are either not activated or removed from scoping before you remove country.

Can you let us know what exactly errors you get when you try to remove country from scope.



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Hello! The issue is that after removing all of the scoping requirements, and so on, we get a pop-up error saying it's inconsistent and that I should fix the following errors. The errors are highlighted red at the bottom of the screen, but when I go to hover on them I get nothing, and if close the Pop-up the errors disappear.

Is there a list of what capabilities France adds to the scoping questions and fine-tuning activities so I can know what I'm searching for?

Also if you could answer this question, that would be great: The reason France was added was because that UAE didn't have Payroll and Compensation in the scoping, why is that? Or is Payroll and Compensation not in UAE because it's a non-localized country? If so what can I do to have them present?

Thanks again.