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remove the exsting extended sales organization for material master

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Hi All,

Could you advice how to remove the existing extened sales organization for a material master?


we have a mateiral A-001 and have extended sales org / distribution channel

8110 10

8210 10

and currently we don't want 8210 10 to sell this part, can we disable or remove this sales org / dis channel for this part?


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Answers (3)

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Rick Guan ,

You cannot peform like that, but possibility is there you can set flag for the sales organization deletion in MM06. Later you need to archive it.

But there is a better option than that you can perform. Choose the material A-001 that has been extended for the Sales area "8210 10". Select the View "Sales:sales org1 view"

Mark the fields

a. X - distribution Chain status = 01 Discontinued and

b. D.Chain-Spec Status = 01 Discontinued

By this way we can stop the sales of the material through the respective distribution channel. You can provide/maintain your own reason through configuration

IMG --> LG --> Material Master --> Settings for Key fields --> Data Relevant to sales and Distribution --> Define sales status or OVSU Tcode can be executed for entering the reasons for blocking



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Hi Rick,

Goto Tcode: MM06

enter material, plant, storage location, sales org, dist channel,

select material, plant, sales org/ dist channel

save it.

i hope your problem will solve


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Go to material master and select Sales: Sales Org. Data 1 view and click on "Organisational levels" tab at the bottom. Maintain delivering plant, sales organisation 8210 and distribution channel 10 and execute.

There you can see a field "DChain-spec. status" where you assign "01" and save.

Go to OVSU, select "01" and click on blue lens on top so that you will see some list of tabs. In that maintain "B" against "Block for order" field and save.

Now try to create sale order for this material from sales organisation 8210 and also from 8110 and you will find that you can create sale order from 8110 and not from 8210.


G. Lakshmipathi