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remove billing plan block from sales order

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Hello All,

We have setup billing plan at the item category level, the process is like this - 
1. Create a sales order with billing plan
2. remove the billing plan block
3. create invoice.

whenever we want to create an invoice for the particular line item, first we have to remove billing plan block from the sales order line item, now we want to give access to a user for removing this block in the production, we can not give access of VA02, we just want to give access for billing plan tab, so we decided to create a transaction variant for it. but even in transaction variant we are not able to hide all the fields or not able to make all the fields not editable. Is there any other options available for this requirement?? please advise

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It is not clear whether you want to restrict va02 access to be given to only one user or you want to restrict to all users making changes.

If you want to restrict only to one user who can only remove billing block, then, create one variable in TVARVC table where maintain that user id and the field name of billing block. You can also add other fields if needed

So whenever va02 is accessed, system should validate this field and if it is equal, allow to remove billing block; else, trigger error. This you can achieve via program MV45AFZZ

By maintaining the user id in TVARVC table, you can add or delete later on, depending upon the Business requirement and no need to carry out code change each and every time