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remove 1 month of depreciation figures

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Dear experts

I have run depreciation run for 12 months but would like to reverse out the depreciation figures for 12th month due to some business requirements.

Writeup will meet this but this can only be done in the new financial year. We want this to be done for current Financial year under Period=13.

The accounting posting is: DR cum-depreciation         

                                        CR Depreciation

Unplanned depreciation (ttype 6xx)  cannot be done as it gives the reversed postings.

Writeup (ttype 7xx) can only be done in new FY for prior year.

Is there any standard SAP transaction which can achieve my required posting?

Really appreciate your inputs as it is affecting my year end.  Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alina

I can offer a simple solution, in return for some chocolates

1. Allow the ASSET SHUTDOWN indicator in Depreciation Key (AFAMA)

2. Allow the ASSET SHUTDOWN in screen layout of the Asset Master  (AO21)

3. Activate the ASSET SHUTDOWN in AS02 with date 01.12.2013...

4. Do AFAR

5. Do AFAB with P12 / UNPLANNED or REPEAT option

For sure, this will fix

Br, Ajay M

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Hi Ajay

thank you for your reply.

I actually customised a ttype for this purpose but in the course of our testing, we realise that if we change the asset depreciation key to one without depreciation, it gives the correct result we want. In other words, when we change the depreciation key to one key without depreciation in period 12, followed by Unplanned depreciation, system will actually remove the depreciation for period 12.

As such, this solves our problem.

thank you.


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