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remote server error: (400) bad request. installing Cockpit

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I have a problem, when I install the Cockpit (Integration_Component) this message appears:

can not connect to the server B1i.

Remote server error: (400) bad request

Im trying the dashboard functionality

please i need a solution

I appreciate your responses


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Hi Willy,

I haven't come across this issue before actually.

There is a B1ic troubleshooting guide in the blog link below


Here is a checklist you should go thru to try and resolve it:

1. Ensure B1i services are started

u2022 Integration Service (Tomcat)

u2022 DI Proxy service

u2022 SAP Business One License service

2. Ensure B1i Server address is correct

u2022 Ensure you do not use localhost

u2022 You should use server name or IP address

3. Ensure B1i user password is correct

u2022 Log into SAP Business One with the B1i user

u2022 Change B1i user password when prompted

u2022 Update B1i password in SLD

u2022 If you have already done the above do once more to verify itu2019s not the cause

4. Ensure the correct license is assigned for the SAP Business One user B1i

u2022 B1iIndirect_MSS

u2022 B1i

5. Open the SLD (System Landscape Directory) in the Integration framework

u2022 Test connection to B1DI

u2022 Test connection to JDBC

6. Deactivate Scenario

u2022 Open the Integration Framework and select Scenarios -> Scenario Package Setup

u2022 Under Scenario Package Identifier choose sap.Xcelsius

u2022 Deactivate Scenario

u2022 Click Sender and ensure your B1 system and Xcelsius system are selected

u2022 Activate Scenario again

7. Event Sender set up check:

u2022 Ensure on step 3 the b1iadmin password has been entered correctly

u2022 Click Test Connection on step 3

u2022 On Step 4 click Receiver and click Test Connection

8. Try to activate Cockpit again

u2022 Restart the Integration Service and the Event Service

u2022 In Administration -> System Initialisation -> General Setting -> Cockpit and activate it once again

u2022 Log into Business One

If the error still occurs:

9. Check if events are triggered

u2022 Stop the event sender service

u2022 Disable cockpit

u2022 Log in to SAP Business One again and enable the Cockpit again in SAP Business One

u2022 Query the SEVT table of SBO-Common (Select * from SEVT)

u2022 Verify if the event 1210000008 is triggered

10. Check if the scenario exists in the BizStore

u2022 Open the B1iP Control Center -> Maintenance u2013> BizStore Download -> BizStore url click u2026

u2022 In the Choose dataset check if appears in the list

11. The IPO user was deactivated

u2022 Open the B1iP Control Center -> Configuration -> User Admin IPO-Steps -> Toggle Activation

u2022 Do this for users B1iadmin and B1ipeer.

u2022 Restart the integration service and event service and retry

12. Authentication Issues:

u2022 Open the B1iP Control Center -> Monitoring -> Auth. Events IPO-Users

u2022 Look for currently open sessions



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I don't have b1iIndirect_mss license for B1i user. Can i use professional license instead of b1iIndirect_mss???


Robby Senjaya