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remordplan for years

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Hello experts!I have doubts in the S_ALR_87013558 report.

When we change de year, the remordplan is looking at the year that has not been realized and making this account for (planned - realized) neglecting the previous year 's performance, since all the planned ends up being moved to 2018.

The remordplan is R$ 545.636,23 but in previous years (2017) we have already made R$ 252.954,00 and for 2018 we only want to estimate what is missing (545.636,23 - 252.954,00 = 292.682,23)

I see as a way that the remordplan for 2018 should consider the part perfomed and report us only R$292.682,23 and not the total R$545,636,23.

I've already read SAP NOTE 853530, 668240 and 922177 but I still have doubts.

Note: We cannot do TECO & force RemOrdPlan to nullify, as Customer is still expecting costs for these. I have executed - CJEN AND CJBN, RKANBU01, RKACOR04 and FCOM_TOTALS_ENHANCE , but none of these resolved the issue

Has anyone ever had this case?

Any help will be very welcome.


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