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REM Backflush

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Hi ,

I am using REM backflush. In a assembly there are 6 components.

Is it possible that , from 6 components i can backflush only 3 and remaining 3 will be component backflush.

That is , with assembly backflush , i will do GR of assembly and GI of 3 components. Remaining 3 will be component backflush.

In REM profile I deactiavted the checkbox for GI posting. But with that no component is seen when i do assembly backflush.

Can we do this in REM.



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Answers (3)

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Dear Shankar,

In my understanding if you remove the GI backflush at GR posting,the system does not post any GI for any of the components.

So in this case you have to do a separate assembly backflush and then a component backflush for all the 6 components.

It's not possible to perform GI only for 3 components during assembly backflush and then a separate GI for the 3 components

using component backflush.



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Unfortunately in standard SAP REM we dont have the option to control for a component whether its backflushed or not.

The only possible thing you can do is to do assembly backflush without GI and do a component GI for all the 6components.

Please work with your ABAP person to see if BADI "RM_BFLUSH_GOODSMVT" can be used to satisfy your requirement by any way.

Hope the above gives you some hint,