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rem backflush

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hi friends,

i have doubt in rem back flush.........why do we do it? unlike in normal production process after running MRP we convert plnnd orders into i want to know the significance of rem backflush....

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In REM process the backflush is called production order, this is terminology used.

PP-PI it called Process order

and PP descret called production order.

In REM there are three types of backflush

1. Assembly backflush - where GI and GR takes place

2. Component backflush- where only GI takes place

3, Activity backflush whre activity which are performed during production are considered and cost is captured for that activity , here no GI and GR .

the basic thins for REM scinario is continous production on same set of line like the COKE manugfacturing , on single line continous production for a long period of time is going on , this type of manufacturing this REM is used.

Agicn here the concept of product costing come for that u have

1. product cost colletcor- KKF6N

2. Prd version- c223

3. and run standard cost estimate monthly i.e CK11N, and CK24 - REl and mark the cost

Here planning is same as per MRP and SOP and DM, only extra thing is u have planning table and run schedule header.

Hopes it is clear.



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Hi Shrinivas,

Back flushing is nothing but automatic goods issue. System will automatically posts the goods issue when you confirm the operations.You have no need to make manual issue. It will reduce the effort.

Backflushing is automatic accounting (Goods issues - 261 mvt) of material consumed for production, at the time of confirmation. Eg. When a 4 wheeler automobile is rolled out from assy line, 4 wheels & Tyres are deemed to be consumed and issued to production order automatically by way of backflushing by the system.

Assy line picks the material from stores/ Assy line and use.

No Physical issue & Manual posting ( Goods Issue) by Stores.

Backflush is used for material which are a must and having fixed relationship.

This can be configured in MRP2 Screen,Work centre, Routing and production order.

Each has some special function.

If you configure this in routing or production order you have no need to activate this in MRP2 or Work center screen.

MRP2 Screen defines whether material components are backflushed are to be made at the work center



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Like confirmation in discreate you have backflush in REM. Means through backflush you can do the finished goods confirmation and the same time post the goods issue to the material produced. When you do the backflushing in make-to-stock REM, the the following functions are carried out:

1) The system posts the goods receipt of the stock material in the receiving storage location.

2)The system determines the components by exploding the current BOM, the revision level BOM, or the planned order BOM.

3) The system then posts the goods issue of these components from the production storage location.

4) The system reduces the planned orders or the run schedule quantities according to the logic set in Customizing for Repetitive Manufacturing.

If the actual production times differ from the times defined in the routing, you have the option of posting the actual times. The system posts the material and the production costs to the product cost collector.

5) The system updates the statistics for the Logistics Information System (LIS).

The system creates individual documents for each posting as well as a full document.



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Hi Mr.Shrinivas,

For knowledge purpose,go though this,

The sequence in REM is

1.MM01-material creation.

2.CS01 - BOM creation.

3.Work centre creation.CR01

4.Rate routing.CA21

5.Creating production version to link BOM & Rate MM02 or C223

6.Creations of product cost collector using production version.KKF6N.

7.Cost rollup & Release using CK40N.

8.Demand values,in MD61, MF50 - Planning table optional

9.MRP Run,MD02

10.Planned orders generated.MD04

11.Pull List MF60.

12.MFBF.Production booking

13.Settellement - month end if any variance.

In REM Run scheduled Qty (planned order's) of PE type is obtained after MRP run,then can't be converted into Production order.

Here in REM Period based cost collection is carried out.


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Backflushing (PP-REM)


You use this component in Repetitive Manufacturing to record work process in the system.

Backflushing is a very lean process, corresponding to the requirements of repetitive, mass or flow

manufacturing. For example, you do not have to post any of the actual production data until

posting the goods receipt of the finished product in a final backflush. In make-to-stock repetitive

manufacturing, you can also backflush at the reporting points of predefined operations. This

enables you, for example, to determine the stock of unfinished products in production.

In the final backflush, you can link the following processes:

Posting goods receipts for finished products

Posting goods issues for the components

Reducing planned orders or run schedule quantities

Posting production costs to product cost collector

Updating statistics in the Logistics Information System (LIS), such as goods receipt statistics

or material consumption statistics.

Furthermore, you can separate these processes to backflush high volumes of data with low

response times.

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REM Backflushing Processes

In this step, you define the parameters for separating the individual backflushing processes.

If you have to process a high volume of data, you can significantly improve performance by separating the backflushing processes.

For this purpose, the backflushing processes is split into critical and uncritical partial processes.

In the standard system backflushing includes all the following partial functions:

Goods receipt posting

Goods issue of the material components

Calculation of actual costs in production activity posting

Reduction of the production quantities

Adjustment of the dependent requirements of the components in the reporting point backflush

Adjustment of the capacity requirements

By separating the backflushing processes, you can instruct the system to post the goods receipts, and reduce the production quantities and capacity requirements immediately. The partial functions that can be carried out later (uncritical functions) are collected in a work list and processed in a background job sometime later. These uncritical functions include, for example, BOM explosion, posting goods issues, reduction of the dependent requirements and posting the production activities.

Define Confirmation Processes

In this step, you define the following control parameters:

Whether the goods issues for the components are to be cumulated

If you set this indicator, the system posts the cumulated withdrawal quantities for the same components. If you do not set this indicator, the quantities are not cumulated.

Whether the production activities are to be cumulated

If you set this indicator, the system posts the cumulated production activities for the same components. If you do not set this indicator, the activities are not cumulated.

When the partial processes are to be backflushed. You can define the following times for carrying out the partial process (for example, post goods issues production activities):

Immediately online

Immediately in the update task (information passed on to update task therefore, the user can continue processing immediately online).

later as a background job

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In REM confirmation process is called backflush.

Goods recipet is called assembly backflush.(This can also inculude component/activity)

Component Issue is called Component backflush.

Activity usage is called Activity backflush.

Generally using REM profile Assembly backflush would be configured to consume components and actvities also.

Pls go through this link for details...<a href="">REM Backflush</a>



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