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Release Strategy

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i have to create Release strategy for PR...problem is lilke we are doing roll out for a plant of other country of different company code..but server been using the same as we did implementation for three plants under one company code of indian currency

in this server already we have release strategies maintained for these three plants all are in we have to do release strategy for the plant which is in other country of differnt client want to be as per their curency can any one help me........

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Create a new characteristics in the edit characteristics


For USD PO_ APP_USD - USD currency

For INR PO_APP_INR -Inr currency

and enter the table nabe and feild name as it is you copy from the previous plant

Assign the charecteristics in a class and class type 032 and in the character feild enter all the character you have already created and in the UNIT tab enter USD fro USD currency and INT for INR currency,SAVE

Create a release group and create release codes and in the define release procedure for purchase orders and in the release strategies in the classification tab enter the value for the characteristics either USD or INR and enter all the values for the other characteristics and save.

Now check your entries to create a p.o


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hi not gettin u..i have characterstic for net value wit inr u want me to edit that charactestic....r create nw characterstic for net value with omr curency..

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Dear Nagraj,

This is easily possible to configure release strategy for two different currency. I am doing this in my current project.

Now you are already having INR and assume that other currency is USD. See what you have to do is to create a new characterstics for USD currency say ZCURR and than assign the interval of currency say




Now assign this characterstic to your class. Note that you cannot make two classes in release strategy. Assign this characterstics and in the configuratio of release strategy in classification column TICK all the values of INR charcterstics and tick one of your USD characterstics.

I hope it works. if not do let me know.



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thanq all for ur reply....@ sunil let me explain u we have 3 plants under one company code say comp code is 8000...which is of inr currency..n plants say 8100, india for which release strategy is already maintained in inr another plant 8300 which is in arabian country of decimal point 3..we have 3 characterstics existing that is for net value(gfwrt)

plant(werks) and document type(bsart)...n one class in wich all three r assigned.....n we have one release grp say fd...for which this class is assigned..and in r.strategy say classification...i have maintained for plant(8100,8200) doctype(NB,xx) and for net value(0.00-50000.00)....nw wat u want 2 say shall i create charcterstic of currency field (waers) or another netvalue field(GFWRT)....plz explain....

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The best solution would be to create a new release startegy, with new characteristics.

Since the new plant is under new company code and different currency this should be very effective than using the currency conversion concept.

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You can setup 1 currency for release strategy thus characteristics

maintained in the release strategy can only have 1 currency code. The

system will do a currency conversion based on the document currency and

the currency entered in the release strategy and if it falls within the

range then the strategy will be applied to the PO/PR. So it shouldn't

matter what currency you enter in the characteristic.

The design of the system is to first take the header currency and

convert this to the company code currency then the company code currency

is converted to the characteristic currency.

The functionality you requisre does not exist in standard and can only be

achieved through a modification or by using the user exit EXIT_SAPLEBND_001

may help to achieve this.

Kind regards,


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hi Lorraine i agree wit in doc..we have rial currency...and in strategy inr...and we have created say some 5strategies like s1...0.00-50000.00..s2...50000-2lcs...which covers all range of amount say up to 10 do u want me 2 do conversion like say 1 rial is equal to 110inr...and as per der requirement do v need 2 convert 2 indian range and maintain in strategy??