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Release strategy

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Hi gurus,

Do you know the config, where we specify the fileds in a PO, which when changed changes the release status of blocked?

As you know, when you change some fields in a PO, the PO gets blocked ---correct?

my question is...where do we configure those fields as per standard SAP?

Thanks for your help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If i am not mistaken you are talking about the certain fields depending on which the release startegy will apply.

Well these fields are known as Characteristics in SAP. These could be for e.g. a purchasing group, a cost center, material etc.

Well the configuration for this process is not that simple...since we have to identify the fields on which we need to restrict a particular PO.

Step 1.

Maintain Characteristics:

You will have to create the characteristics that you need using transaction CT04. As i said this can be any field on the PO screen. You just have to map it using the field name.

Step 2.

Maintain Classes:

You will have to maintain a class (of characteristics) using the transaction CL02. This is used to club together your characteristics and attach them to Release Group.

Step 3:

Attach Char. to Class: You will have to attach your characteristics to a class using CL02 (in the char. tab)

Step 4:

Attach your Class to a Release Group:

Follow The SPRO path Materials Management > Purchsing > Purchase Order > Define Release Procedure for Purchase Order.

Here select Release Group. Attach your class to the release group (that you will create).

Step 5.

Maintain the release codes:

These release codes are assigned to personnel that will be releasing these POs. Therefore maintain release codes in accordance with the designation. E.g. GM Procurement, Manager Procurement etc. it will make more sense.

Step 6:

Maintain Release Indicators:

The release indicators are the stages that a document will go through during a approval process. For e.g. a document will be 'Approval Initiated', 'Queued for Approval', and then 'Approved'. Maintain these with reference to your purhcase order/client requirement.

Step 7:

Maintain Release Strategies:

Maintain all the pre-requisites. Int he end maintain the classification that will now have your characteristics. Maintain the values from drop down list.

Your Release strategy should now be up n running...

Warm regards.

Osayed Rehman

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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It can be done in SPRO-MM-Purchasing-Purchase Order-Define Release Procedures-Release Stratey-Release Indicator.

But Release Strategy will re trigger only in case Price / Quantity Changes that too depends on Release Indicator Changeability value.

Release Strategy will not re trigger if fields other than Qty / Price changes.

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The configuration location is SPRO->Materials Management->Purchasing->Purchase Order->Release Procedure for Purchase Orders->Define Release Procedure for Purchase Orders->Release indicator.



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in release indicator can we see which fields are relevant ?

how does standard SAP system understand which field if changed , the release procedure would be checked again?

I can see only 1 class related to release and in that class only 1 characteristic where we set the PO doc types

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Release strategy will retrigeer in only case when you change the qty or price becuase release strategy is consider the price change as the trigerring point

nothing else and this is not in config or anywhere, it is in the program.

bottom line if you change qty or price and the change is greater than the percentage you define in the config

release will retrigger

In the config of relese indicator you will see the field Value change % here if you enter 0.1 and changeble indicator is 6

than any chagne greater than 0.1 will retrigger the release