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Release Strategy to work on PO Gross value (inclusive of taxes)

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Dear MM Gurus,

We have configured the PO Release strategy as under:

1) < 500000

2) > 500000

After checking the PO, we now find that the release strategy gets

triggered on the basic price only. Any additions to the amounts in the

condition tab also adds it to the Basic price and the release strategy

is properly working.

But when the user defines Tax code under Invoice tab, the Tax amount

gets added to the PO value. But in this case, the Release strategy

functionality does not work.

Requirement is that the Release strategy should work on the total PO

value (including Tax amounts). Any addition to the PO value by either

Condition amounts and/or Tax amounts should activate the Release

Strategy functionality.

Currently, it works only for the Net order value. Please let us know

how to configure for the PO Gross order value.

Thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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Hi Mudiyanur,

This cannot be implemented through Standard SAP, as GNETW Total net order value is looking at the Gross Net Order Value.

You can explore the feasibility of a Z characteristic.



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How can you include tax amount in the release strategy process. Approvers are doingthe approval/rejection through release strategy only for goods that are being purchased and it is value and tax amount is not relevant here at all.

Explain to your customer that this requirement cannot be implemented. If he still insists thatn tell him that only if they convert the tax amount into a price component, then it is possible. But then doing this means it is not tax, so basically the requirement is crazy.