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Release Strategy PR

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Hi all,

My requirement is : It is possible to prevent that a specific user reset the release strategy of a Purchase requisition:


My Purchase requisition has 4 steps of validation, For example X1, X2, X3, X4, and the document is fully released.

So if a specific user that is able to validate the document with the indicator X3, doens't allow to reset the Pr fully released, but it only able to reset the

indicator x3 and not the indicator X1 of the document.

Thank you

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Hi Luca,

For your detailed queries. Kindly go through SAP Note: 493900 - FAQ - Release Strategy.

Go through the question No.2 with answer - Page 2.

Further Additional Info:

1. Refer note: 365604 - FAQ - Release Strategies in purchasing ( B. Release Indicator : Release Strategy PR from MRP )

2. Kindly do refer the SCN Thread No: 1905962- Reset PR release strategy | SCN

I hope it will clear your doubt.