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release strategy for PO based on cost center value

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Dear All,

i need to make release strategy based on cost center value for example:

for cost center 1000 :

will trigger release strategy z1 with the following release codes:

A1 & A2

for cost center 2000 :

will trigger another release strategy Z2 with the following release codes :

B1 & B2

can any body helps in this problem with standard configuration.

thanks &regards

mohamed kamal

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For release strategy, the fields have to be referenced from the CEKKO structure, and cost center (KOSTL ) is not present in this structure. Therefore, if you want to use this field to trigger/restart the release strategy, then you need to add this field to CEKKO structure and implement the user-exit EXIT_SAPLEBND_002.

Keep in mind that cost center is maintained at item level, so you may have different values for the same PO when there are multiple items.

Best regards.