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Release strategy for overall release of PR in release group

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Hello All,

I am defining a release strategy for PR based on the valuation with classification.

I have defined the characteristic for PR line item value with table CEBAN & field as GSWRT. It is working fine for line item basis release.

I am trying to test this strategy for overall release of PR by marking 'Overall release of PR' indicator in the release group. As soon as I marked it, the release strategy is not updated in the PR.

I have tried to test it with other characteristic with CEBAN & GFWRT, still no success. As far as my understanding if the overall release of PR has to be there then it has to dealt with GFWRT in place of GSWRT.

Please help me to overcome this.

Manoj P.

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Hi Manoj,


CEBAN-GSWRT should be used for a purchase requisition with item-wise release and CEBAN-GFWRT

for a purchase requisition overall release.

So you should have two strategy as the characteristics are different for the two cases.

Please refer Sap note

493900 FAQ: Release Strategy



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Hi Lalita,

Yes I had already tried using GFWRT for overall release but I haven't found the expected result.

That is why I have raised this query.

For GSWRT, I am getting the expected results and I am able to release the PR item wise.

Any clue?

Manoj P.

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For Overall release of purchase requisition, you need to have release characteristics with CEBAN-GFWRT

AND ,during Defining PR document type, you need to select check box of OvRelPRel for your purchase requisition document type in following path( FOR PR Header Level Release):

SPRO  -> Materials Management  -> Purchasing  -> Purchase Requisition  -> Define Document Types

Here select check box of OvRelPRel(Overall release of purchase requisitions)all purchase requisition document types which subjected Release Procedure and save,

Now try new creating Purchase Requisition , then see the difference!


Biju K

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Hi Bijay,

I did exactly what you asked me to do.

No result. Still facing the same problem.

Help me.

Manoj p.

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Please follow the seps told by Bijay sir, it works, somewhere ur not assigning properly in cl20n. check n revert.