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Release Strategy for different currencies

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Dear Experts,

I need to have different values for different currencies in release strategy.These are not direct conversion of currencies.  Release strategy is triggered based two PO value characteristics only.

Strategy 1                                                                                        Strategy 2


Strategy 3                                                                                          Strategy 4


I have created two characteristics for two different currencies and changed the release strategies accordingly. However release strategy is not triggering well.  FYI ,

Am i missing anything here?

Please give your valuable help.



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Dear All,

I have configured release strategy by adding different authorization levels for different currencies. Thanks for all your valuable inputs.

This blog post is important ( which   shared with me. However characteristic for currency is also necessary which is not mentioned in this blog post. 

For this we need have two release strategies for two currencies in each level. (if we are using two currencies) If need to add one more currency we need to change the release strategy again. Therefore maintenance is difficult.


PO Value USD - CEKKO-GNETW, currency format USD

PO Value LKR - CEKKO-GNETW, currency format LKR

Currency  - CEKKO- WAERS, character format

I'm adding relevant screen shots for the reference.  Giving giving >=0 in the other net order value is necessary as Arun Kumar said and we can't keep blank characteristics as Robert Arikianathan said. 

Strategy 1

Strategy 2

I'm marking this as the correct answer for the ease of future reference for other members.



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Hi I have a query. We have multiple companies in different region with multiple currencies, and we are maintain a sing release strategy class. However, while making an order for SAR(SAUDI ARABIA), SYSTEM IS throwing a translation of NGN(nigeria), infact we have operations in Nigeria and there separate release strategy is there.

We have maintained the release strategy just like above. However system is throwing translation issue for NGN for Saudi Arabia. How can we restrict the NGN translation for an release strategy that will be triggered for nigeria.