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Release stratagy

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Hi Guys,

Kindly explain below issue.

After createing PO, how and in what way system passes this information to the release code. Also, after releasing PO by first release code, how this information passes to the second release code?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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The system carries out the following activities in order to determine the release strategy for a purchasing document:

Filling the communication structure

When you process a purchase order (PO), for example, the system passes on the data from the document to the communication structure CEKKO. Certain fields of the latter are determined from the PO data prior to the transfer. For example, the total value of all items is determined and passed on in this way.

If you wish to use fields that are not included in the communication structure CEKKO to determine the release strategy, you must insert the relevant fields in the communication structure CEKKOZZ.

Via the customer exit M06E0004, you can then include in the communication structure data that is not included in the structure in the standard system.

Object search

After the data has been passed on to the communication structure, the system initiates an object search:

1. The system checks which class is defined in Customizing for the release procedure.


There can be only one class for all purchasing documents (POs, contracts, scheduling agreements, etc.). This one class then constitutes the basis for the release procedures for all purchasing documents.

2. The system assigns the values from the communication structure CEKKO to the characteristics of this class.

3. Via the object search function, the system then identifies a release strategy whose characteristics accord with the values from the communication structure or lie within the specified interval.

The following search results are possible:

Just one release strategy is found.

The system assigns this release strategy to the purchasing document.

Several release strategies are found.

The system assigns the first release strategy found to the purchasing document.

No release strategy is found.

The system does not assign a release strategy to the purchasing document. The latter can be processed further without having to be released.

Due to mantaining of Release Prerequisites the system determines which release code will release the document in which sequence.When the required authorisation object is assigned to the user role of the Releasing authority they are able to release the document.And due to this the document passes from one release code to other.


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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It depends upon the "Release Prerequisites" set for the combination of Release Group and Release Strategy in configuration.

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Its the workflow logic taken into account and the release prerequisite which you maintain in the release strategy responsible fro the complete cycle completion........