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Release procedure

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Hi all,

Please explain me release procedure in details..I am new in SAPMM stream and stuck in some concepts .Please help me in his regard.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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plz see the below link for PR RELEASE STRATEGY ( with screen shots 😞


The release code is a two-character ID allowing a person to release (clear, or approve) a requisition or an external purchasing document. The release codes is basically controlled via a system of authorizations (authorization object M_EINK_FRG).

Use SE12, structure CEKKO to check all the fields available for controlling the Purchase Order.

e.g. If the total value for the Purchase Order exceeds 10,000, release strategy 01 is assigned to the Purchase Order. There is only one characteristic created in this example. For controlling the Purchase Order type, create characteristic for CEKKO-BSTYP and the value NB.

CT04 - Create Characteristic e.g. NETVALUE

Click Additional data Table name CEKKO Field name GNETW and press enter

(for currency dependent field, you are prompt to enter the currency which the system then converts the currency of the Purchasing document into this currency)

In the Basic data (X refers to tick),

X Mutliple values

X Interval values

In the Value data, in the Char. value column, type >10000 and press enter

Save your data

CL02 - Class

Class - Create REL_PUR

Class type - 032

Click Create

Description - Release Procedure for Purchase Order

In the Same Classification section, click Check with error

In the Char. (characteristic) tab, type NETVALUE to assign your characteristics to the class

OMGS - Define Release Procedure for Purchase Order Type

Release Group - New entries Rel. Object Class Description

02 REL_PUR Rel. Strategy for PO

Release codes - New entries

Grp Code

02 01

Release indicators

Release indicators Release Description

0 Blocked

1 X Release

Release Strategy

Release group 02

Rel.strategy 01

Release codes 01

Release status 0


Classification Choose your check values

OMGSCK - Check Release Strategies

(make sure there are no error messages)

Once the Purchase Order is not release, buyers will not be able to print the Purchase Order.

Goods Receipts will be shown with Message no. ME 390 - Purchasing document XXXXXXX not yet released.

In 4.6c, Purchase Order with Release Strategy have a tabs at the end of the Header. This allowed the buyers to check the release status of the Purchase Order.

The person with the release authorization have to use ME28 to release the Purchase Order.


ravikant dewangan

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Checkout the link