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Release Procedure of Purchase Requisition

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We are trying to configure the release strategy of purchase requisition with classification system. Following field are included in the release strategy: document type, creation indicator, requisitioner, item category, purchasing organization and total value of item; but the strategy is not effecting due to the item category field. We have verified all the remaining fields and they are working properly.

Following are the characteristics detail of the item category.

1.Multiple values checked in the Basic Data tab

2.Following values set in the Value tab

a. blank for standard

b. “K” for consignment

c. “D” for services

3.Following values set in the Additional data tab

a.CEBAN in the table name

b.EPSTP in the field name

However, we have also verified the following table and field values in Additional data tab

1. CEBAN table with PSTYP field

2. MEREQ3211GRID table with EPSTP field

3. MEREQ3211GRID_DATA table with EPSTP field

4. MEREQ3211GRID_DATA table with PSTYP field

But none of the above is working.

It will be highly appreciated if you provide help to configure the Release Strategy of Purchase Requistion with item category.

Thanks & Best Regards

M. Rehan Qureshi

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Muhammad

The item category applied in PR is external one (Field: EPSTP)

In IMG ("Define external representation of Item categories"), a corresponding internal item cat are defined (Field: PSTYP).

In the comm structure CEBAN, the available field is internal item cat. is PSTYP.

Hence u need to maintain the values of internal item cat for the characterisic.

By this, you will get the desired.

warm regards

sairam akundi

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Thanks sairam

You made my day , the problem has been solved and the new release strategy has been configured.

Thanks & Best Regards

M. Rehan Qureshi

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