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Release Procedure for Quantity Contract

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Dear All,

We have a business requirement to ensure that Quantity Contracts are released by the Account Receivable Accountant before the Sales Support Staff can create Sales Orders against them.

Process : Create Quantity Contract (VA41) -> Release Contract (VKM3)->Create Sales Order (VA01)

Currently, users can create sales order against the quantity contract before the contract has been released.

I need guidance on how to implement system control to prevent this creation of Sales Orders before Quantity Contracts are released..

How can i configure release procedure for quantity contract?

Any assistance will be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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There is a concept of User Status / Status Management in SAP. By using this you can set status as default that is Blocked, and then the authorised person can release the document, only after that a person can create an Order, with reference to that Contract.

The Customisation setting is in :- IMG> sales and Distribution>Sales > Sales Document>Define and assign User Profile(T Code is BS02)

To know more about this you can search the Forum, also check the below given Link:-



Hope this will help you.


Amitesh Anand

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