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Release Procedure for Purchase requisition

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Hi MM Gurus,

Pl. help me in resolving the following issue.

Now, I have to activate Release Procedure with classification in the Quality

client. I have created characteristic and class in the Quality client.Then I created

Release group, Release code, Release indicator and Release strategy in the

Testing client and transported them to the Quality client as there is no provision

to create them in directly in Quality client. I created a copy of Characteristics and

class what I created in 400 in 200 also. Then I did assignments of Characteristics to class and Class to Release group in 200. This is working fine in the testing client. But in quality client while checking Release strategy, I am getting the message "Error in classification (class RELEASE class type 032)". Class RELEASE was created by me.

Release procedure is based on three criteria. 1) Creation indicator,

2) Value of the Purchase requisition and 3) Overall release of Purchase requisition.

Pl. help me in resolving this.



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Answers (3)

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Dear ,

Refer this OSS Note 86900



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Hi ,

You can check the errors in OMGQCK .

Or check the details in classification button of Release strategy .



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Hi Guruprasad,

Go to transaction CL20N (assignment of object to class)

enter the class type and class details and give the values for those characteristics. then it will work

hope this helps.