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Release not effected

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Release of purchase order not effected.can anyone give a solution for this..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check your config. as per below detail. your issue is resolve.

Release Strategy: -

Follow below mention path.

SPRO -> Material Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Release Procedure for Purchase Orders.

Three steps involved in release process of purchase order.

Edit Characteristic: -

Create characteristic for release purchase order. If you want to release purchase order on purchasing group base. So you can create characteristic for purchasing group. Take reference of CEKKO structure and BKGRP field for purchasing group in additional data of characteristic.

Exa :- Purchasing group - BKGRP

Edit Class: -

After creation of characteristic, create class for release purchase order.

In which you can take reference of

Class Type: - 032,

Status: - Release,

Class group: - Release strategy class,

And put reference of your characteristic, which are created by you in first step.

Exa: - Class - REL_PO

Define Release Procedure of purchase order : -

In this step four processes involved.

v Release Groups

v Release Codes

v Release indicator

v Release Strategies

Release Group: -

In this step you can define release strategy group.

Exa.: -

v Release group : - 01,

v Release object: - 01,

v Class: - REL_PO.

Now see each steps of Define release procedure of purchase order in briefly: -

Release code: -

In which you can define release code. Enter value as

Release group: - 01,release code: -01 - Purchase Head,

Release group: -01, release code: - 02 - Auditor

Release indicator: -

In this step you have to define release indicator.

Like X - Blocked, I - Under process, S - Release

Release Strategy: -

This is the final step for release strategy.

Assign release code 01, 02.

Click on release prerequisites, select 02 - check box and click on continue.

Click on release status button, enter release indicator X, I, S and click continue

Click on classification button, enter values of purchasing group for which you want to created release strategy

Than create purchase order for purchasing group, which you assign in classification of release strategy. Enter your values of purchase order and click on check button release strategy executed in your purchase order


Mahesh Wagh.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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The below link will take u thro thr page by page PR release stgy.

All PR/ PO same concept... only the table differs..

It will be useful for u.



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Hi dear ,

If the issue is like the PO is not get released ie realease nto getg effected by T Code : ME28 ,

Then try to release using T Code : ME22

Try if it works..


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Can you explain a bit more detail about your scenario?


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A particular PO which has been already released by a release code appears again and again to him as not released ..what is the solution for this

Edited by: Antony anburaj on Aug 10, 2008 6:57 PM

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Check the release indicator at SPRO -> Materials management -> Purchasing -> Purchase order -> release procedure for purchase orders -> Define release procedure for purchase orders.

Check the release indicator has been set properly as released.

Hope this helps.

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release the poo in ME29N