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Release For Execution TAB is not Appearing in MO with WCM

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Dear Team,

I have couple of Points on WCM for which I need help from Team .

1.Release For Execution TAB is not Appearing in MO with WCM even after all the approvals have been issued.

  Please have the attachement for more details what I have done and what I am looking for from forum.

2.I have done all the setting under "Define Hierarchy for Approvals" for object type [  WW(Work Approval) and  WA (Work Clearance Application ) ].

My Question is here why system is not giving any error or not restricting for issuing approvals assigned to  Work Clearance Application where Not all subordinate approvals are issued assigned to Work Approval.

Is there any additional configuration is required for this ?

3.Pre-requisites for Release for Execution option is not showing Maintain Application Profile.For this is there any additional business function needs to be activated ?

I would be thankful to all of you  if any body has answer to solve my issues.......

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Dear Rabindra,

In Customizing for Work Clearance Management you have activated the valuation in the application profile for the planning plant.

If the valuation is activated and the applications are defined, then every WCM-relevant order must be valuated, that is, you must specify during the processing of a WCM-relevant order whether or not it is necessary for each application. As soon as at least one application is valuated, the order is solely WCM relevant. During the valuation the system checks whether you are authorized to valuate the application. It also documents who performs the valuation at what time. You can change a valuation until "Release for execution (status EXEC – Released for execution) is issued. As soon as you have valuated all the applications, the system sets the status VAL (Valuated) in the WCM-relevant order.

The valuation is the basis of the “Released for execution”, that is, the applications valuated with Yes are mandatory.

Regards Uwe

Hi Uwe,

Even after order status "VAL" system is not activating “Released for execution” Tab.