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release a bill to accounting with the problem of material ledger

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When i use vf02 to  release a bill to accounting , there is a system error:

Material ledger is not active in valuation area 2600

Message no. C+012

Under the same control area, another plant 4000 avtive the material ledger recently , i think it maybe the reason.

I don't want to active material ledger in plant 2600,

Who can tell me how to sovle this problem,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Van,

The error may be caused by the CO-PA customizing. If the costing key is currently set up so actual cost component split is taken over from ML. It is at plant level from the line item that is used to determine the cost estimate.

If you have assigned this costing key to several material types for those material types, an actual cost component split will be read, independently if ML is active in the plant or not. This leads to the error.

You should delete all assignments of costing keys to material types or use the customizing function 'assign costing key to any characteristics' instead.
There, you can assign the material types again, and set up an additional condition that ML is active in the plant.

You can find these details in the customizing as follows:

SPRO -> IMG -> Controlling -> Profitability Analysis -> Master Data -> Valuation -> Set up Valution Using Material Cost estimates:

- Define Access to Actual Costing/Material Ledger
- Assign Costing Keys to Material Types

Best regards, Gordon

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Thank you Gordon Chai !

As you say, it's really be caused by the CO-PA customizing.

The costing key is assigned to the material types which are used in plant 2600.

I'll try to assign costing key to any characteristics instead.

Thanks a lot.

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I customized the function: Assign costing key to any characteristics, created some assinment rule to assign costing key then all is ok.

Thank Gordon Chai's explanation in detail.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Pl see at OMX1 and activate valuation area 2600