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I am discussing the issue again.......

My question is when i can create my positions, job etc. through PPOM_OLD

then what are the other functionalies beacuse of which we use the below T-Codes:

PO10 Organizational Unit

PO03 Job

PO13 Position

PO01 Work Center

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Through Tcode PPOM_OLD you can do all the functions like Create a Org Unit, JOB, Position. Create Reporting structure, attach cost center to Org units / Positions. Create relationships.

You can do everything through PPOM_OLD.

Through Tcode PO10 - you can only work on object Org units and the related stuff like attaching cost center, reporting structure etc

PO03 - you can create and change object job related data

PO13 - Only used for posititons

PO01 - Only used for Work center.

Hope this clarifies your query.


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The SAP transaction code PPOM_OLD is an older version of PPOSE and is used to view all people within an org unit. First you select the organisation unit you are interested in and press the display button, the list of personnel contained within this organisation unit or any org units within it are displayed.

The transaction PPOM_OLD was specifically designed for Workflow people who don't necessarily have an intensive knowledge of Org Management (OM). Generally speaking, people working with OM will find the PPOME transaction more user-friendly, but PPOM_OLD doesn't have the heavy graphics interface and is therefore faster if you are maintaining very big structures. This is SAP's formal recommendation. PPOM_OLD was unfortunately named. It is not old or redundant - just

different. Feel free to use it if it works for you.

PO10 Organizational Unit; PO03 Job; PO13 Position; PO01 Work Center let you specifically maintain object, tcode PO10 let you maintain Org. unit but you cannot maintain jobs or positions there

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The main difference is that PPOME (or PPOM_OLD) is designed to handle several objects at a time.

The PO-transaction is for single maintenance - one object at a time. You see all infotypes of the object in these transactions.

As mentioned by others, the different transactions also only handle one object type.