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Rejected line items on a sales order

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Hello SAP Friends!

Is there a way if line items are rejected on sales order to not have it print on the sales orderacknowledgement ouput?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Buddy,

We have some Standard functionality which will stop printing the Rejected line items based on the Rejected code in the below navigation path

Sales and distribution~ Sales documents~ Sales item ~ define rejection items .



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Hello Everyone

I went into the path that you suggested...I selected the all the indicators for NRP on the rejected lines. Still prints on my sales acknowledgement.

I also looked in smartforms and tried to find the table and field this in the code in the main window first no avail

We are a small company and we all have very little experience in abap code, etc....any help would be greatly appreciated....

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Hello Kimberly

1) Firstly check with fresh orders with rejected items.

If issue persists,

2) Determine the print program by going into T code v/30, select the relevant output type and click on the processing routines folder on the left hand side window. Note the program for medium 1 (print output). It will mostly be a custom program, a copy of the standard RVADOR01. I am guessing your custom print program is the culprit. So..

3) Sit with ABAPer to review the code by searching with the following keywords:

"Print rejected item?


"IF vbdpa-dragr EQ space."

Table of importance is TVAG (reasons for rejection- config data) and filed is DRAGR but the program uses VBDPA structure, I guess. I am not an ABAPer.

Hopefully your ABAPer should be able to help you from here on.

Good luck.

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Hello and thanks for your reply. We are all so new to the smartforms and have little your advice is greatly appreciated.

I did create a new order and still prints...this does not print on any of the delivery documents (del note, packing list, picking list) so I went looking in those for the table and fields you mentioned. I can not seem to find those anywhere....

I went and looked at the print program....processing routine and it does not appear to be a it does not start with a does say this...


Form routine is Entry

Smartform is ZSD_SO_CONFIRM

If I am looking at the smartforms...trying to view the outputs of the ones that does not print this...I do see where it is calling a function..could these table and the code be hiding in a function?

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If it is standard program and config is done, it should work by itself. I am wondering why not. Fine, if it not working, why don't you put a requirement in the output Determination Procedure against the relevant output. You need to copy standard requirement 2 ( Program LV61B002) and insert logic to not print if ABGRU or DRAGR is populated? This will be a 2 minute code to write.

SPRO/IMG/Sales and Distribution/Basic Functions/Output Control/Output Determination/Output Determination Using the Condition Technique/Maintain Output Determination for Sales Documents/Maintain Output Determination Procedure

But why don't you leave struggling with reasons for rejection and work with Delivery blocks instead. I suggested this before to somebody else in the forum. I think Delivery blocks (DB) work equally well without the bad effect of reasons for rejection (RRJ). Its like this: In stead of deleting an item, use RRJ, In stead of RRJ, use DB. Having said that, I am skeptical that it may also (not) work similar to RRJ. Try it after the Requirement (above) option.

If you want to go that 'route' (Pun intended):

SPRO/Logistics Execution/Shipping/Deliveries/Define Reasons for Blocking in Shipping

Let me know how it goes.

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Hi and thanks for responding. The program you suggested appears to be at the header problem is at the item level...

Item is rejected and prints on the sales order confirmation...

Is there a program for the item level of a sales order for the output or do we only work with the one you suggested for both item and header? Also, How do you know how to find programs?

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The requirement can be made to look at item level fields also.

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Please check with your ABAPer to do changes in Print program, you can ask him to put a check while printing if Reason for rejection filed is filled with any value then those line items should not print.