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Regeneration of Purchase req for same PIR

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I am facing problem on MRP.I ll explain it in brief.

We are having material AOO (Roh)

Initial stock is zero.

IN MD61 I created the req. of 100 nos.And through MD03

I ran the MRP single level.And we get the Purchse req. for 100 nos. Same it is showing in MD04.

Then that PR converted to PO and then gr of 100 i have stockof 100nos which i issued to prod order ie 100nos.

Once i issued complete qty.if again i run the MRP again it is generating PR of 100 nos.

NOw the problem is For same PIR we r getting the multiple PR.

I want to know that is there any possibility of automatc removal of PIR after converting the first PR into stock.

Its urgent,Pls reply

Thanks And Regards


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Answers (3)

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Hi to all,

I am creating the PIR for material with req. type LSF which ll overwrite the setting in strategy.

And also i kept the indicator 2 in MRP4.

Already above setting r there.

Pls reply.


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Go to transaction OMJJ , tickmark Movement type, put the movement type that you use to issue goods to the production order i.e. 261 & enter.

In the next screen,

Put the tickmark for independent requirement reduction.

& then check whether your PIR's are reducing when you do goods issue for production

Revert if not working


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make changes in MRP4 view of that ROH material in the field indi/collec indicator 2 which makes only one requirement of your raw material.

please come back if any query



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It is not necessary to remove the excess Pur req. System should not create excess Pur req.

For that please check the strategy what you used in ROH. If you used any strategy , remove it. And check Individual/ collective indicator in MRP4 view. It should be 2.

Check the strategy for HALB material. If it is 20, then system will generate 100 no's P.R again.