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Regd Wagetype and basic pay from 0008 thru internal table in smartform..

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I have a requirement where i have to display in my smartform the values for basic pay and different wagetypes from infotype 0008. In my smartform for 1 employee, only those values of wagetype and basic pay should print which are maintained in 0008. If no value then it should not display in my smartform at all (No even like 0.00).

For this i have made an internal table in my smartform. Plesae advice how can i pass these vales in my smartform.

Note* - There is a filed in my custom inftyope 9003 - "Salary details as on (P9003-ZZDATE1). The value for basic pay and wagetype should be less than or equal to this date.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Preethi,

From your thread ,what i understood is that you have created a able in the smartform.right?You can loop this table and put a condition for checking whether there any records in the internal table.

Hope this will help you !!!

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