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Regarding the creation of Physical samples and pooled samples

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Hi Sapients,

I had came across business scenario , where client is collecting the physical sample against batch ( for the batch of production he will take physical samples for every hour).After the completion of the batch , all the physical samples collected is made into 3 pooled samples and decision will be taken depending on the analysis of pooled sample.

For Example : In B shift , producing a material with batch A of 100 MT, so for every hour physical sample is created (Physical sample of weight 200 gms ). For Batch A , Total no of physical samples collected is 8 with sample qty of 8*200 = 1600 gms. This 1600 gms is divided into 3 pooled samples of sample size 1600/3 = 533.3 gms.

No of Physical samples will vary for Batch depending up on the time of manufacturing . Depending up on this Physical samples , pooled samples weight will be calculated. If I generate inspection lot against the batch , how the physical samples get varied.

Thanks in Advance



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What is being tested? The pooled sample that is divided into three samples?

What is the cost of this material?

First you say you make 100 MT during one shift. That's a heck of a lot of material!

Your sample is 1600 grams or 1.6 KG's. I'm not sure you can even do that calculation in SAP. What is your BUOM for this? MT? KG? or G?. I doubt MT. Cause you can't covert that for the sample calculation since 1600 g = .0016 MT and you are limited to 3 decimals.

If in KG, then you make about 100,000 Kg/shift and pull 1.6 KG worth of sample. Your spillage is probably 100x the size of your quality samples. Heck, the dust expelled into the air is probably more than what you take for sampling.

Are you really inventorying these samples? Do you really need to have that in SAP?

I'd probably get the client to create three samples. A simple fixed sample size of 3. At 100 MT per shift I doubt this is FDA regulate schedule 1 compounds. I would say you're wasting your time trying to figure a way to do an unknown number of individual samples that create 3 pooled samples. Just do a fixed sample size of 3 and be done with it.

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your reply.

I will check and come back .