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regarding schedule lines

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Dear folks

when i try to create delivery from order the error is coming

that is no scehedule lines

i have two line items in order

but while doing delivery only one item is copying to delivery and it says that no schedule line to the selected date

when i extend the delivery date the item is not getting copying to the delivery

please help in this matter on high priority

thanks and regards

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Answers (1)

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Dear ramarao

This could be due to stock not available for the other item which was not flowing in your delivery. To check this, go to VA02, double click the line item which was not flowing in delivery and select "schedule lines". Here see whether the quantity is flowing in "confirmed" and also see on which date, it is confirmed.

Go to VL01N, enter shipping point and below date should be the date on which you saw the quantity is "confirmed". Now try to do PGI.

The other possibility is that you would have directly went to delivery from sale order from VA02 and the two line items have different shipping point. Normally for multiple line items, if the shipping point is different, then in that case also, you will get the error.


G. Lakshmipathi