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Regarding SAP REM

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Hi ,

Whenever I run a REm complete cycle from backflush to order settlement,there is change in the material price in Material master costing view 2. Why this is happening please explain in detail.

Secondly i want to track the variance. How to find the planned cost & variance.

Please help.

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Answers (3)

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I think you have maintained the Moving avg price for ur material so its getting changed after GR.

You can see the plann cost and your actual cost and the Variance on the Product cost collector-- on Header tab page click on Display Cost button.



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Hi Vivek,

In REM material backflushing you are using means it is finished goods or an assembly (semifinished).

There price control tab will be S (Standard price).

The price of these material will change in material price, when you do cost estimate (CK11N), mark and release it (CK24).

You can see the cost booked on REM material on its Product cost collector (KKF6N)


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Normally the Price updation takes place after costng run and Mark & Release

During costing run as per the cost component structure the prices will be calculated and updating the price

For example take one Fert material and its one bom component is Raw material , that is from 2 vendors one vendor price is Rs100 another is Rs150

Automatically the ROH variable price upated after GR say Rs125

So this impact will be happen on Fert component after costing run and update the Price with new one after release markup