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Regarding sales order

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Can anyone here explain what is the meaning of sales order type?

it would be better if u could explain the cycle of sales order. i mean to say who will create the SO, ( whether customer requests it or we will create on basis of customer request ) who will be effcted with the SO? ( i mean depending on SO , one will generate production order? and depending upon the production, purchase order created?

i am really not sure what are the effects and what is the correct flow.

can any one here explain me the correct flow and effects of SO creation?

last, how the customer and firm can start the communication when it is for the first time?



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<b>Sales Order Types</b>

They are the different sales order document in SAP. Eg) Standard Order, Cash Sales, Rush Order, Credit/Debit Memo Request, Consignment Fill Up.

<b>Sales Order Cycle in SAP</b>

Inquiry -> Quotation -> Sales Order -> Delivery -> Billing.

<b>Impact of Sales Order Creation</b>

The sales order would be created by the client based on the basis of the customer's request. If you have stocks available the delivery is done immediately by the warehouse incharge and then billing by the finance department.

Incase you have no stocks, you would create a purchase requisition with purchase department and they would create a purchase order with the vendor. Once the vendor supplies the material we would deliver and bill as specified above.

Hope it helped. Do reward incase it did.


Pratheb Nadarajah

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Hi again,

can you elaborate on sales order types?

i mean we have different sales order types just as u have mentioned ( Standard order, cash sales, rush order credit/debit memo request, consignment fill up etc-- )

i want to know in elaborate manner which one to be selected and when is to be selected while creating sales order and what are the consequences of each order type?



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it depends on the business requiremnts, we can use n number of documents... wat i suggest is go through glen c williams read sales documents chapter 2. it helps you...


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Sales document type is a huge topic and makes it difficult to elaborate. However I'll try giving you an overview.

Consider the following business processes

1) Customer buys the goods with immediate cash payment

2) He has returned few goods for which we need to pay him back

3) We have charged him less and he needs to pay us.

All thes business processes are mapped as Document types in SAP. The sales document type has three levels a)Header b)Item c)Schedule items and they all have different functions.

The document types also control various functions like Credit Check, Pricing, Incompleteness Availability check etc.

In SAP go to SPRO -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Sales Documents -> Sales Document Header -> Define Sales Document Types for various document types.

Try to read the help available with each field and other materials available, they would give you a better understanding and if required you can always come back to the forum.

Hope it clarifies to a certain extent.


Pratheb Nadarajah

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Hi Ravi

Go through the following document, this will help to answer ur query.


Sales related business transactions are recorded in the system as sales documents. These are grouped in to 4 categories:

Pre-sales document: Inquires & Quotations.

Sales Orders: OR/ RO/ CS.

Outline Agreements- Contracts & Scheduling Agreements.

Customer Complaints- Free of Charge Delivery (CD), Free of Charge Subsequent Delivery (SDF), Credit Memo (G2), Debit Memo (L2), Returns (RE).


Sales Order Cycle starts with:

Inquiry- Quotation- Sales Order- Delivery- Invoice- Debit or Credit memo followed by SDF.


Header Data:(VBAK): no of the sold to party, no of the ship to party & payer, document currency & exchange rate, pricing elements for the entire document, delivery date and shipping point.

Item Data:(VBAP): material no, order qty, no of the ship to party & payer (an alternative ship to party or payer can be defined for a particular item), plant & storage location specifications and pricing elements for the individual item. This is controlled by sales item category, such as TAN.

Schedule Line Data:(VBEP): is responsible for delivery dates & delivery quantities. (It includes: schedule line qty, delivery date & confirmed qty). This is controlled by schedule line category, such as CP.


Availability check

Delivery scheduling

Transfer of Requirements: to mat planning i.e. MRP

Calculating pricing and taxes

Checking credit limits



Sales information system.

INQUIRIES: A customer’s request to a company that they provide a quotation or sales information without obligation. Doc Type: IN, Trans Code to Create inquiry: VA11. The standard item category for inquiry is AFN.

QUOTATION: A quotation presents the customer with a legally binding offer for delivering a product or providing a service within certain fixed conditions. Doc Type: QT, Trans Code to Create Quotation: VA21. The standard item category used in quotation is AGN.

SCHEDULING AGREEMENTS: A customer scheduling agreement is an outline agreement with the customer containing delivery quantities and dates. Trans Code: VA31. Doc Types: DS- Scheduling Agreements, COB- Sch Agreements BR, BL- Sch Agreement w/del schedule


OR Standard order

RO Rush order

CS Cash sales

IN Inquiry

QT Quotation

DS Scheduling agreements

B1 Rebate credit memo request

B2 Rebate correction request

CD Free of charge delivery

SDF Subsequent free of charge del

CF Consignment fill up CI Consignment issue

CR Consignment return CP Consignment pick up

Reward if it adds info...

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Hi ravi,

for every order represent by order type.. like sales order OR/return order- Re/ Credit memo/Debit memo, Cash sales/rush order etc...

end user will create sale order by the request of customers.. it may be by telephobe or fax or email..

to create sale order goto VA01 and give ordertpye and sales area..

reward if it helps..