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Regarding POD and Shipping cost settlement

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Hi Gurus,

This is my Business process

The goods will be delivered to the customer through trasporter. The transporter will carry the Invoice while carrying the goods, after reaching the customers place he will hand over the goods as well as Invoice to the Customer.

After completion of supply the trasporter will submit the Proof of Delivery (POD) to the company, Based on the Proof Of Delivery the Company will settle the Transportation cost to the Transporter (we take POD is reference Document to create Shipping cost Doc)

Can you please give an idea,How can we map The above process in SAP,

The Standard Process in SAP is Sales order --> Delivery >Shipping Docu> Shipping cost Docu -->PGI ---> POD ---> Invoice.

My Requirement process is Sales order --> Delivery >Shipping Docu> PGI -> Invoice-> POD --> Shipping cost Document

So can please Suggest any User Exits or what development work I need to do to get required process.

Your help will be appreciate and reward,



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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one way u can handle this is by taking into consideration the highest possible cost of shipment and flow that into the sales order and create this as a mark up in the pricing procedure. u can flow this into your COPA and then settle the transporter invoice against this accnt. there will always be differences in the accnts but they will counter each other.


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