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regarding order related delivery

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Hi, all

when I deliver the sales order the system responses the order canot be delivered,what is the problem behind it

please help



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi there,

Possible reasons:

1) No schedule lines due for the delivery on that date.

2) Schedule lines not confirmed.

3) Item is already delivered.

4) Any delivery block. May be process specific block like GTS block.

5) Check in OVL3 what storage loc is entered for that shipping point. Check in MMBE if stock is available against that particular storage loc. This is coz availabuility check is done at storage loc level in delivery creation.

In VA03 --> Item --> schedule lines check against what date the items are confiemd. In VL01N, give the same date & shipping point & then try creating the delivery.



Answers (8)

Answers (8)

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Good answer

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To start with lets go with basic configuration...

1. Check the sales document type for procuring the order...

a. Check whther you have assigned delivery type = LF (or your customised delivery document) entered under SHIPPING tab.

b. Check the "Requested Delivery Date" tab

2. Check item category Under "Business Data" whether you have activated "item rel for delivery"

3. Check Assignement of Sales doc type to item category.

4. Check whether you have maintained appropriate delivery item category and its assignment under logistics execution --> Delivery

5. Check whether the stock is available

6. Check your customer master data whther under sales area data tab --> Shipping header --> you have provided shipping conditions.

6. Check your shipping point config. (OVL2)

7. Now lets come to transaction data. reopen you sales order in VA02 and double click line item and choose "Schedule line" tab and check whether the qty you entered is confirmed and if so on which date.

8. If you carry delivery on that confirmed date then delivery will happen.

9. Check whether you have raised appropriate shipping point and plant.



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Please check

The status of the sales order it must be release and not blocked for any reason. This u can check in the shipping tab of sales order thr va03

Sales order may be fully deliver

Shiiping point may be different

Sales order may be rejected

Check the scedule line in the sales order

Check the delivery date on the screen of VLO1 / N

Hope this may help you.


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You got eough answer to check that, even i also suggest the same answers but peopel say copy and paste is not best practice, but the answers i knew the other members already given, so better check all customization settings related to item category, whether item is relevant for delivery or not, whether there are schedule lines confirmed or not etc. etc.,


sadanandam kasarla

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what error message system giving ?

Give it briefly.

What is the Order Type you are using for delivery,

What material type you are using for delivery,


May be your Order have Been Delivered.

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Check the avilable stock for the material , , if there is less stock then there sre no schedule lines for the sales order

without confirmed schedule line this messge appears

also check the dates of the schedule line for delivery creation

hope this helps



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The prerequisites to create a delivery are.,

1. Atleast one schedule line should be due for delivery

- check the schedule lines in the sales order for the confirmed delivery dates.

2. There should not be any delivery block in the reference document.

- check you sales order the delivery blocks.