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Regarding material cost

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Hi Experts,

Kindly let me know is there any possibility to reflect cost from Material master in a condition type (Apart from VPRS).

Where no condition records need to be maintained for that.

Awaiting your response.

Kind Regards,


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Answers (3)

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Hello Vamsi,

The best option as per your Customer requirement would be as follows :-

1:- You should ensure that Condition type will have the Subtotal and Requirment will B and 900 respectively !! Also ensure that at item category level, the Determined Cost is activated !! With the help of ABAPer, you should ensure that this condition type should have Requirement as 900 (22 + 4), in sense the Material cost will be picked from Material Master record and transaction for this condition type should be for Intercompany Sales.

2: Second option is you can create a Condition type and the value can be linked from VPRS through FROM and TO method !!



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As G Lakshmipathi suggested create a copy of VPRS, e.g. ZVPR

Place this condition type in your pricing procedure, related to you intercompany sale process.

For this condition type ZVPR place requirement = 22.

Delete the PI01, PI02 condition types from that pricing procedure.

and then do some tests.

Side comments:

- By copying VPRS, the cost in the MMR shall be extracted and populated, as the value of ZVPR

- note: ZVPR (like VPRS) shall have field "Access sequence" = Blank, in V/06

- With requirement 22, this condition type and its value (ZVPR) shall populate only in the Intercompany billing document.

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Even for VPRS, you are not maintaining any condition record.  Please indicate what exactly you want and what is the business process to have like that  Needless to mention, if you copy VPRS, then that zee condition type will act as like VPRS.

G. Lakshmipathi

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Business process is that in inter company sales. Our client would like to use material cost in PIO1 instead of creating condition records.

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Hi Vamsi,

If it is a requirement to get the Material cost to PI01, just dont maingain any condition record for PI01 and uncheck the Mandatory setting in the pricing procedure and FROM field should be maintained with Step of VPRS against the PI01

for example

This setting i did in a sandbox, may be you have to do some protyping and check

Ensure VPRS should not be maintained in initial steps



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and uncheck the Mandatory setting in the pricing procedure

In standard SAP, pricing procedure RVAA01, PI01 is not marked as mandatory!

Could you please explain your thoughts behind the above comment?