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Regarding info record and PO _order price unit

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Hi Gurus ,

I have created a PIR and maintain condition for different order unit .

Now when i create the PO .. i would like the system to pick the price according to the order unit i enter in the PO .

But it doesnt take that and you have to change that manually ...

is there a way to automate it ??

Condition maintained for BOX and Crate in Info record..

Now during PO

if i enter the Box it should pick up the Box price and not the Crate price?? I hope i am clear on my question ...



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Answers (1)

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If you want to enter diff ordre unit than in the PIR

In this case in the material master purchasing screen you have to activate the var order unit

enter 2 here

now go to your info record and on general data screen you will see the field var ordre unit

here enter 2

than click on conditon from menu

system will popup the order unit screen

here keep cursor on box and click choose

now it will allow you to maintain the box price also

once you do this than it will automatically defult in the Po upon selection.

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Hi Charlie ,

Thanks for your reply .. i already did al that you suggested.. but the the question is i want the Price to be picked automatically in the PO based on the order unit selected ...

if BOX is order unit then Price for BOX should be reflected in the PO ...

if Crate is is order unit then Price for crate should be reflected in the PO ...