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regarding FB01 tr-cd

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hi guys,

We dont have any entries in FI tables BSIS, BSAS,BSIK etc.

I want to create a FI Document using FB01. can somebody help me what to give for



3-SGL Ind


I can see values avaliable if i do F4 in above fields.

Any guide please..



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Posting Key --2 digit field ex: 40 or 50

Check in table TBSL for more keys


Is it GL Account No or Account type

if it is GL account no take any value from SKA1 Table

If it is Account type 5 values: A-assets,D-customers,K-Vendors,M-materials,S-GL accounts

3-SGL Ind

For all line items in customer or vendor accounts which are updated to an alternative reconciliation account in the general ledger, the special G/L indicator determines which account is to be selected.

You can define special G/L indicators in addition to those delivered with the standard system for the customer and vendor account types.


Transaction type: 2 values

A For all types of down payments as well as down payment requests

W For all types of bills of exchange as well as bill of exchange payment requests.

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<b>Posting Key</b> (pstky)

A two-digit numerical key that determines the way line

items are posted. Type of posting (debit or credit).


This is the GL account from which the money has to be transfered.

<b>SGL Ind</b>

Indicator which identifies a special G/L transaction. Special G/L

transactions include down payments and bills of exchange.

With this indicator, you let the system know that a special G/L

transaction is to be posted and which transaction it is. Using the

indicator, the system determines a special screen and the reconciliation

account in the general ledger which will be updated by the line item.


Internal key for controlling processing of a payment item.

The transaction types are used to show the historical

development of a financial statement item.



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1-PstKy , first give as 40 , then in next screen give as 50

2. 2-Account --Give the account in which you want post the amount

3 and 4 are optional

Just give document date as todays date , document type , company code and currency