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Regarding cutover activities

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hello SAP guys,

i am confused regarding activities takes place in CUTOVER.I have read that in cutover you have to upload the master data,u have to upload the stock,within cutover period your client can't create any new orders,and whatever the open orders are there you have to close it.

My question is that in one of the thread in sdn i have come to know that even the open orders you have to upload in SAP.Is it right?Does the uploading of open orders come under cutover activities?or within cutover period u have to close all the open orders so that u can work from start.

Apart from these if u could tell me other activities which takes place in cutover than i would be very greatful.

Thanking u guys in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jitendra,

You can upload the open orders or you can create the open orders manually in the SAP system.

Other avtivities involves uploading master data, stocks,G/L account balances etc. open orders for all modules like MM,SD,PP.

Thanks and regards


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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On Cut Over date:- all data regarding stocks should be ready in uploadable format as on cut over date, there should not be any issues of material.

All Open PO ie material which will be arriving after the cut over date, such PO's should be created manually. No Material GR from such PO should be made before cutover date.

All sales order whose delivery will be before Cut over date, such material should be delivered, all Open Sales Order whose delivery is expected to be after cut over date, such Sales orders to be created and delivery should be done after Cutover date only.

All Prod orders for material, whose prod will start after cut over date to be created manually, all material whose prod is continuing after Cut over date, these orders balance quantity prod orders only needs to be created.